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Samsung Galaxy S6 to take on Kindle with e-ink display?

Not content with packing its devices with an insane number of features, Samsung is rumoured to be launching an accessory which would turn its upcoming Galaxy S6 into an e-ink reader, rivalling Amazon’s Kindle.

Samsung’s case is rumoured to offer a secondary e-ink display on the back, in the style of the Yotaphone 2, which would let users read their books and magazines without putting a huge strain on the device’s battery (or straining your eyes).

This won’t be the only smart accessory on offer, according to a Polish site which specialises in Android devices. Apparently Samsung’s latest Galaxy flagship phone will also offer a blood glucose monitoring add-on, aimed at helping diabetics to maintain control over their levels.

Samsung is also expected to release several clip-on style camera lenses, designed to complement the Galaxy S6’s predicted 20-megapixel primary camera. The lenses are expected to snap on to the device and offer alternative shooting modes, such as fish eye and macro, which could make the Galaxy S6 popular with mobile photography enthusiasts and Instagram food snappers alike.

Of course, such a device already exists for the iPhone, courtesy of company Olloclip. But we haven’t seen a similar solution for a Galaxy device, so it’ll be interesting to see what Samsung comes up with.

Offering these features as optional extras, rather than trying to pack them into every device, could be a shrewd move by Samsung. Let’s face it, a blood glucose monitor isn’t going to be an attractive feature to the huge percentage of the population without diabetes, but a range of similar add-ons catering for specific segments could push the S6 ahead of the competition.

Taking the trend with health monitoring even further, Samsung is also rumoured to be developing fitness equipment, such as bikes and step machines, which will be linkable with the Galaxy S6.


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