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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6: What’s the difference?

We compare the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 to see what the difference is. Does the Galaxy S7 have a better camera, screen, performance, battery life and features than the Galaxy S6? Here’s our full comparison of the S6 and S7 specs.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S7: Specs at a glance

Phone Samsung Galaxy S6 Samsung Galaxy S7
Screen size 5.1-inches 5.1-inches
Screen resolution 2560×1440 2560×1440
Storage 32/64/128GB 32/64GB
microSD memory cards? No Yes (up to 200GB)
Processor Exynos 7420 Exynos 8890/Snapdragon 820
Memory 3GB 4GB
Battery 2550mAh 3000mAh
Cameras 16MP, 5MP 12MP dual pixel, 5MP
Water resistant? No Yes (IP68)

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S7: Design

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 looks and feels incredibly similar to last year’s Galaxy S6, with the same sleek combination of glass and metal forming the frame. However, the Galaxy S7’s camera is thankfully practically flush with the back surface of the phone, unlike the sticky-out lens bolted onto the Galaxy S6. That means the phone won’t rock about when it’s sat on your desk and you’re poking the screen.

The Galaxy S7 is also IP68-certified water resistant, something that the Galaxy S5 could boast but the Galaxy S6 missed out on. You can submerge the S7 in around a meter and a half of water for half an hour and it should come out unscathed.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S7: Screen and media

Both the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S6 feature a 5.1-inch Quad HD screen, so there’s no difference in terms of visuals. This isn’t a surprise, as the Galaxy S6’s screen was absolutely stunning, making it really difficult to improve on, however the S7 makes better use of that AMOLED technology, with always-on functionality letting you check your latest notifications, missed calls and messages without having to wake the phone up.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S7: Performance and battery life

Last year’s Galaxy S6 is still one of the most powerful phones in 2016, but the Galaxy S7 will be a step beyond, packing Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 820 processor (or one of the company’s latest Exynos chipsets, depending on market). This should provide some serious future-proofing, so the Galaxy S7 remains stutter-free for the full length of a 24-month contract.

Samsung reckons the Galaxy S7 smashes the Galaxy S6 in terms of battery life too, with a bigger cell on board. The Galaxy S6 made it through 24 hours of use between charges and we’re hoping for at least a day and a half of life from the Galaxy S7, to match rivals like the Sony Xperia Z5.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S7: Cameras

The Galaxy S7 drops the maximum photo resolution from 16-megapixels to 12-megapixels, but the new f/1.7 lens means you can take much better low-light shots, with less grain than usual and the new dual pixel technology also helps with low light performance as well as giving the camera snappier autofocus.

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