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Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ price and release date

Samsung’s newly unveiled Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones were an unquestionable highlight at MWC 2018 and now we’ve got a host of carrier and SIM-free pricing so you know how much you’ll have to pay to get your hands on these new blowers once they’re available.

Carphone Warehouse

As ever, Carphone Warehouse offers Galaxy S9/S9+ tariffs from a range of carriers for both new and upgrading customers, as well as SIM-free pricing.

If you want to do away with the contract altogether, the S9 is available in every launch colour for £739, whilst the S9+ is going for £869, matching Samsung’s own official pre-order pricing.

As both phones accommodate microSD cards up to 400GB CPW is offering to double the storage on pre-orders by throwing in a Samsung EVO microSD card of the same capacity as each phone’s ROM (64GB in the case of the S9 and 128GB in the case of the S9+).

One recommended O2 tariff offers up unlimited calls and texts, access to O2 Priority offers and O2 WiFi hotspots, O2 Travel with inclusive allowances within Europe (plus 120 minutes and texts each in supported non-European zones), plus four times the standard amount of 4G data (in this case 20GB) for the full length of the contract. This 24-month plan costs £99.99 upfront, plus £49.99 each month when paired with a Galaxy S9.

For those after an S9+, there’s a Vodafone Red Entertainment upgrade plan that includes 60GB of 4G data, unlimited minutes and texts, inclusive roaming across 110 countries and 24-months of Spotify Premium, content from Now TV’s Entertainment Pass or access to Sky Sport’s Mobile TV app. What’s more, a recurring £72 discount is in place for up to 27 months after purchase. The plan is a sizeable £72 a month but comes with a conservative £29.99 upfront handset cost.

Check out all of Carphone Warehouse’s S9 pre-order deals here.


EE is offering up both phones in the full gamut of launch colours: Lilac Purple, Coral Blue and Midnight Black. Tariffs for an S9 start at £58 a month, with a £50 upfront cost for the handset on the network’s 4GB Essential Plan. For your money, you also get unlimited calls and texts, inclusive EU roaming, access to the BT Sport app for three months and up to 60Mbps 4G data speeds.

If you want a little more oomph, EE is offering up its 60GB Max plan for the price of 20GB a month, on a 24-month contract with a £10 upfront handset cost. For £68 a month you can expect 60GB of EE’s fastest 4G data, BT Sport app access for the length of your contract, unlimited calls and texts, plus inclusive roaming with up to 15GB of data usage throughout the EU and five additional destinations (Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and the USA).

If you’re an existing Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge owner, EE might be the best network to upgrade with, as it’s offering a £250 trade-in offer, letting you grab the same 60GB plan detailed above for just £58 a month with no upfront cost. For £10 a month more you can opt for a 128GB Samsung Galaxy S9+ instead.

All S9 and S9+ contracts purchased with EE also include WiFi calling and the option of free Apple Music access for six months.

Check out EE’s pre-order deals here.

iD Mobile

MVNO iD Mobile pushes the bulk of its tariff prices into the upfront cost, so whichever S9 or S9+ plan grabs your fancy you can expect to pay just £29 a month for 24 months. The cheapest S9 tariff comes with a £219.99 upfront cost, granting you £500MB of data, 500 minutes and 5000 texts, whilst the equivalent S9+ plan features an upfront cost of £329.99.

Like Carphone Warehouse, both new customers and those upgrading to the S9 or S9+ will also receive a microSD card equivalent to the capacity of their shiny new smartphone.

More on iD’s S9 tariffs can be found here.


O2’s S9 deals include massive increases on included 4G data allowances at no extra cost and its selection of Refresh tariffs allow for early upgrading too. For £56 a month, with a £49.99 upfront cost, you can nab an S9 with 5GB of data, plus an extra 10GB on top, free. The equivalent package for S9+ owners-to-be costs £61 a month with the same £49.99 upfront cost too.

O2’s recommended S9 tariff packs in 50GB of 4G data, plus an additional 40GB free, totalling 90GB a month for the full 24-month term of the plan. Naturally, WiFi and 4G Calling, access to O2 Priority and O2 Wifi are all wrapped up in there too, as is a flexible monthly data allowance. O2 is also throwing in one free screen replacement, meaning you can rest a little easier when handling that gorgeous new Infinity Display on the regular.

This S9 O2 Refresh tariff pricing works out to £49.99 upfront, with a £68.00 monthly cost, whilst the S9+ costs £73.00 a month over 24 months with the same upfront fee.

Find out all about O2’s pre-order deals here.

Sky Mobile

We’re fans of Sky Mobile‘s simple plans and pricing and now you can pair them with a shiny new S9 or S9+. Those who pre-order either phone by March 15th can expect a free 10GB boost to their standard data allowance. The Swap24 tariffs start at just £33 per month for 24-months, which includes 500MB of 4G data. Texts and minutes can be paid for on any of Sky Mobile’s plans as they’re used (10p a text and 10p a minute, respectively) or you can pay £10 a month extra for unlimited calls and texts. That said, existing Sky TV customers get this add-on for free.

At the other end of the scale, a Galaxy S9+ on a 12-month Swap12 tariff (letting you upgrade after just a year) costs £99 upfront with a £75 monthly cost. That price includes unlimited calls and texts (again, £10 less a month existing Sky TV customers) and 10GB of 4G data.

Find out about all of Sky Mobile’s S9 pre-order deals here.


The main hook for Three’s pre-order deals is the promise of 12 months of free Netflix on any plans with 12GB of data or more. The 12GB plan itself costs £79 upfront and £49 a month for 24-months. Along with all-you-can-eat minutes and texts, your data allowance can also count towards mobile hotspot usage without any additional charges. Feel At Home allows for inclusive roaming across 71 destinations worldwide, whilst Three’s Go Binge feature lets you stream content from Netflix, Deezer, TV Player and more using mobile data without eating into your monthly data allowance.

If you’re after a full-fat all-you-can-eat plan (including data), then an S9+ on Three will again cost £79 upfront and £68 a month on top for 24 months. Hotspot usage is again included, with an allowance of up to 30GB a month, plus all the benefits we’ve already covered.

Three’s host of S9 and S9+ plans can be found here.

Virgin Mobile

You have a range of 24-month and 36-month Virgin Mobile Freestyle plans to choose from. One 36-month plan at £40 a month grants you 40GB of 4G data, unlimited calls and texts and no upfront handset cost. Existing Virgin Broadband and TV customers also have the option of an exclusive tariff for £50 a month that allows for unlimited calls, texts and data to boot.

S9+ tariffs are only a little pricier with the company’s £42 a month, 36-month plan granting 2500 minutes, unlimited texts and 5GB of data with no upfront cost. The equivalent S9 plan costs £37 a month.

Virgin Mobile is also offering trade-in discounts up to the value of £400 for a limited time on pre-orders made before March 15th.

For all of Virgin Mobile’s S9/S9+ tariffs, head here.


One choice S9-friendly Vodafone’s Red Extra plan includes 16GB of data for the price of 4GB, plus unlimited texts and minutes for £59 per month with a £29 upfront cost. The equivalent S9+ plan costs £63 per month with a £99 upfront cost.

As for the network’s 32GB Red Entertainment plan, aside from more data customers will also get the choice of access to Sky Sports’ Mobile TV app, Spotify Premium or a NOW TV Entertainment Pass. With a Galaxy S9, it’ll cost £65 per month with a £29 upfront cost.

Similarly to Three’s Go Binge feature, Vodafone also offers chat, social, music and video passes, as well as an all-encompassing Combo Pass which allows for select app usage without eating into your data allowance.

You’ll find more details on Vodafone’s S9 pre-order tariffs here.

Pre-order early access

EE, O2, Sky Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Three and Samsung directly have all confirmed that pre-orders made before March 8th will result in device deliveries a week ahead of launch, on March 16th. Three customers will also have the option to pick their handset up in-store if they so choose.


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