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Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700: New Android Galaxy found

Update: Samsung UK has contacted us to say that the Galaxy Spica I5700 will be released in the UK under a different name. The new name will be announced along with prices and availability.

Captain’s Log, Stardate 63252.9. A new Galaxy has been found, Spica I5700, an Android Galaxy located in the Samsung constellation. Sensors reveal that this highly developed system revolves around social networking, featuring Facebook and Myspace intergration. As we’ve seen in previous Android encounters, the full line-up of Google features (Google Maps, Gmail, Google Talk, YouTube and Google Search) is also present.

The Galaxy Spica comes loaded with a fast processor (800MHz) which allows you zip thorugh its interface. Mobile music fans should take note of both the 3.5mm jack and Samsung’s DNSe 2.0 — similar to the sound enhancement technology that’s found inside Samsung stereos and TV speakers. Seeing as the Galaxy Spica can also store microSD cards (up to 32GB), you can download the Spotify and apps from Android Market and still have plenty of space left over for any other tunes of your own.

Other features include a 3.2-inch touchscreen and a 3-megapixel camera with auto focus, but no flash. It’s running on Android 1.5 (Cupcake) so don’t expect any turn-by-turn sat nav action out of the box, although a GPS unit is present.






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