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Telltale traits of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4 emerge online

Imminent four-play seems assured as apparent information on Samsung’s top secret Galaxy Tab 4 range is released.

It’s a big old galaxy out there, a vacuum of vast empty space with little to do except float around and eventually asphyxiate. In fact, despite what Professor Brian Cox would have you believe, the galaxy is a dull dead-spot for mobile-connection and utterly without W-Fi once free of the Earth’s gravitational pull; which is one possible, if highly unlikely, reason Samsung is so determined to fill all that space with Galaxies of its own, in all shapes and sizes.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 4?

Indeed, on top of the Galaxy S4, the April 11th on-coming Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Note 3, the Galaxy S3 Mini, the Galaxy S4 Mini, the Galaxy Tab 3, the Galaxy TabPRO, the Galaxy NotePRO and so on, the stories circulating suggest that Sammy is gearing up to release its next range of Tabs any time soon – all hail the Tab 4.

With details for an 8-inch and 10-incher labelled the SM-T805 and SM-T801, respectively, filed with the FCC and also spotted on internal documents from the seriously leaky Samsung, the only other info so far is that the new 10-inch model will come sporting a dazzling 2560×1600 display – quite the step up from the Tab 3’s 1060×600 WSVGA resolution.

It’s not just the 10-incher that’s drawing attention either, elsewhere smaller Tab 4 specs and shots have been cropping up through Samsung’s sieve-like secrecy filter, showing evidence of slicker, slimmer bezels (such as the 7-inch press render shot featured here courtesy of prolific phone finder @evleaks) that make the current Tab 3 range look thoroughly thick set by comparison.

Expect more details as and when they come spewing forth from Samsung’s fissure-full headquarters. Until then, best you to start making space amongst your tech-collection for a top new Tab.



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