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Samsung Galaxy Tab to hit UK shops on the 1st of November

Samsung’s debut Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, will be arriving in UK shops on the 1st of November.

This Android 2.2-powered iPad rival rocks a 7-inch screen, a 1GHz processor and a front-facing camera for video calls. Flash Player 10.1 is also supported and we’ve seen the Galaxy Tab’s gaming capabilities in action and we’re impressed.

A range of e-books, film, videos and music will be accessible from via Samsung apps called ‘Hubs’. There’s a Media Hub, Music Hub, Readers Hub and a Social Hub which gathers all of your contacts details under one umbrella. We’re generally not fans of social network aggregators but we’re keen to see how the Social Hub fares on the Galaxy Tab.

While Samsung has confirmed that all of the major UK networks will be ranging the Galaxy Tab, there’s still no word on the asking price for it. 3 has already announced its tariffs for the Tab but hasn’t listed a price for the device itself.


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