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Samsung Gear Fit joins the Gear 2 smartwatch family (MWC 2014)

The thin and light Samsung Gear Fit has joined the existing Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, aimed primarily, as the name suggests, at exercise junkies. 

Sporting a stretched look, the Samsung Gear Fit is definitely a different beast to the more watch-like Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. It’s aimed at sporty types, with the usual host of exercisey features. Even though we’d normally rather lick a gopher than indulge in a spot of jogging, we really like the slick design and feel. 

Samsung Gear Fit launches at MWC 2014

A featherweight 27g design means the Samsung Gear Fit won’t weigh you down, so you’ve got no excuse when you’re tiring as you pound the pavement. The plastic body is still a little chunky, but not to an intrusive degree – in fact, we forgot we were wearing it as we typed up this piece, and nearly walked out of the MWC demo room with it. 

Samsung Gear Fit launches at MWC 2014

You can change the wrist strap quickly and easily, with the plastic face popping right out in a second. We like how you can swipe through a variety of clock faces too, including a very cool electro-blue effort and and a full-on info mode that gives you date and time in two different time zones. 

Samsung Gear Fit launches at MWC 2014Samsung Gear Fit launches at MWC 2014

The main benefit is real-time fitness coaching, which works independent of the Galaxy S5 and other Galaxy phones. There’s a built-in heart rate monitor that checks if you’re about to keel over, and you can see exactly how effective your sweat-fest has been. And as with the other Gears, you get real-time notification of calls, texts and other bits. Apps-wise you get a few other bits too, including media controls.

Samsung Gear Fit launches at MWC 2014Samsung Gear Fit launches at MWC 2014

Samsung also announced that the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo will support a range of colourful straps. If none of the official range takes your fancy, you can try your hand at making and fitting your own. There are more than 100 compatible apps, which is set to be expanded.



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