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Samsung GT-i9300 picture revealed: is this the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Another photographic leak regarding the eagerly anticipate Samsung Galaxy S3 has been discovered over at Phonearena. The image in question is of a Samsung device known at present only by its code GT-i9300. This falls perfectly in line with the code-naming of the previous devices in the Galaxy line, for example the Galaxy S was also known as the GT-i9000, the Galaxy S2 was GT-i9100 or GT-i9200 depending on the region.

From what we can gather from this picture, the central home button that characterised its older brothers seems to have been removed in favour of the ICS control bar at the bottom. The logo itself has been moved down too, possibly leaving the empty space at the top for carrier branding, like we have seen happening with some US versions of the S2.

As for the form-factor, it’s not easy to discern whether there’s a bumper wrapped around the device to hide the overall shape from curious eyes, or if it will actually be part of the design. One thing is clear though, the screen doesn’t looks much bigger, although it could potentially be 4.6-inches and most likely a Super AMOLED, but it doesn’t appear to be edge-to-edge.

It seems that Samsung will be implementing the same array of custom software present on all their devices, including, Samsung Apps, Reader Hub and a few others, leading us to believe it will most probably come with a new version of the Touchwiz home replacement.

At the moment there’s no way to be sure that this GT-i9300 will in fact be the Samsung Galaxy S3 – it could be another Galaxy line-up. We’ll bring you more news when we get it.


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