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Samsung readies new 8.9-inch tablet for 22 March

Samsung has recently released a teaser page on its Facebook profile, hinting at a new product to add to its seven and 10.1-inch offerings, though it’s the second time they’ve publicised it on Facebook.

The promo pic asks, “What’s your Tab life? 78910.” 

Although we’re not precisely sure what they mean by ‘tab life’, what we do get is to expect a mid-sized tablet, probably 8.9-inches wide. (See what they did there?)

Although the teaser page doesn’t give much else away, we can glean from the promo shot that it be black (shock!) and will have a headphone socket, protruding from the curved, raised back. Not much to set the world on fire so far.

But there’s date of when to expect more, the date of its next Samsung Unpacked event, which will be 22 March 2011, across the pond in Florida.

Expect the middle-weight tab to run on Android, though we’re not sure if it’ll be packing dual-core juice, and that could push the price up.

Samsung look to be taking a similar strategy to Acer, offering several different tablet factor forms, and seeing what we’ll want to buy. Another two weeks until we hear any more officially.

More when we hear it, even if unofficial.



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