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Samsung reveals official US design for Galaxy S2: Not so pretty

After obscuring their dual-core offering in cheery promo videos, Samsung has finally unveiled the shape that its flagship Galaxy S2 will take state-side.

What’s the verdict? We’re not sure whether their American customers demand four buttoned Android, or whether it’s a subtle design twist following the rash of litigation between the Korean tech kings and Apple.

Irrespective, it all looks a bit anonymous; Android Gingerbread handles fine with three buttons and we wonder whether clever quirks like screen-grabbing with the physical home and screen-lock buttons will translate across. There are some very cool things you can do inside Samsung’s TouchWiz interface with those buttons.

This restyled Galaxy S2 will join the likes of the keyboard slider and the monstrous Hercules on individual US networks. It’s not the first time Sammy have retweaked phones for the US- the Galaxy S had a similar four-button makeover on the other side of the Atlantic.

We prefer the lawyer-baiting central button here, what do you think?

Via: Sammy Hub


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