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Samsung Smart View: Stream TV to your Samsung Galaxy SII

Samsung has introduced a new app for sharing content between a phone or tablet and a Samsung Smart TV.

Sharing media, such as movies, music and photos from a phone to a television via DLNA isn’t exactly new (although it’s not something many people even use), but the Samsung Smart View app offers the reverse. It lets you stream content from a Samsung Smart TV to a compatible mobile phone like the Samsung Galaxy SII or tablet over WiFi.


However it doesn’t only stream what is currently being watched; it can also stream a movie from a Blu-ray player or footage from a camcorder, as well as other content from Samsung Smart TV including Games, Social networking and iPlayer. Cleverly, people in different rooms using different devices can watch different programs.

We downloaded the app to our Samsung Galaxy S2 and tried out the Demo version. You can see the pictures below. It’s incredibly easy to use with standard TV controls including volume and channel adjustment, along with options for TV Remote and Game Controls. The former includes options for Social TV, Search All and 3D.

The Samsung Smart View app is available to download now from the Android Market, at the moment it only works with the Samsung Galaxy SII, but other devices are due to follow soon. Samsung Smart TV is currently available on the Korean manufacturing giants D7000 and D8000 series. We can’t wait to try out the app properly, so we’ll bring you a hands-on as soon as possible.

Link: Samsung


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