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Samsung Tocco Review


The Samsung Tocco is small, attractive and boasts a touchscreen. Has Samsung created something special or is it just another clone?

What we like
The Tocco is much smaller than we thought it would be and looks cute. It fits very well in a pocket and looks great because of its metal case and slim design. It’s probably one of the sturdiest touchscreen phones out there and can take more than a few drops.

Unlike previous Samsung phones, the Tocco features an extremely responsive screen that alongside its finger-friendly interface (TouchWiz), that comes with customisable widgets, makes for an enjoyable user experience. In addition to its touchscreen, we also liked the Tocco’s 5-megapixel camera that took good pictures in daylight. Finally, HSDPA (3.5G) meant that we could access the Web quickly and it was nice to see an FM radio and microSD slot.

What we don’t like
This might look like a smart phone but it isn’t. HSDPA offers fast download speeds but the browser is disappointing, as is the lack of Wi-Fi and GPS. Even though it has a music player there’s no standard headphone jack, which is a shame. Texting is hindered by the lack of a full Qwerty keypad option but you might find the standard layout works well enough.

The Tocco isn’t broken it just doesn’t have the same level of refinement inside as it does on the outside.This is an attractive phone capable of handling many people’s needs. Our only concern is that if you’re looking for a smart phone then this isn’t it. The proprietary OS looks great and does the basics but that’s it.





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