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Sarah Palin gets manipulated in iPhone photo app

Is Sarah Palin going to run for US president next time round? You betcha! Which would be a cause to sit back, open the popcorn and enjoy the show, if it wasn’t for the terrifying suspicion that she might actually win.

But anyway, it’s fair to say that most Americans – and all journalists – wouldn’t stand a Mama Grizzly’s chance in Hell of getting near enough to Sarah to pose for a photo. Which is the idea behind new iPhone app PalinAndMe.

It’s a simple photo-manipulation app. “Take pictures of you and Sarah hanging out everywhere – at school, at the dentist, in Washington or in Alaska,” explains its blurb.

“Drag Palin around the screen, pinch and zoom to make her tiny or large. When you’ve got the perfect shot, save it or e-mail to share with your friends, your political enemies, and the rest of the free world.”

The developer has already released similar apps for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush and, er, Santa Claus. Perhaps they could do one for Nick Clegg – we’re sure several thousand students would be interested…


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