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Say, this iPhone 4 Jenga-style game looks awfully familiar…

At Apple’s WWDC conference in June this year, Steve Jobs showed off the iPhone 4’s gyroscope by playing a game live on-stage – a version of tower-blocks toy Jenga. He was pretty good too.

Well, check out Gyroblox 4, a game that’s just been released on the App Store. It’s described as “a demonstration of the gyroscope based on physics”, using six-axis motion-sensing to prod out the blocks, Jenga-style. It’s also designed for the iPhone 4’s Retina Display.

It looks JUST like the game that Steve Jobs was playing at WWDC. Yet at the time, he said that had been developed in-houe at Apple, whereas Gyroblox 4 is the work of Japanese developer Gamedokan.

So, either Gyroblox 4 was the game being shown at WWDC, or Gamedokan has moved quickly to reproduce it – check Engadget’s pic of the WWDC demo below for a comparison: the WWDC demo looks a bit more textured.

Either way, it’s a good way to boast about your iPhone 4’s gyroscope – at least until someone does an official Jenga game.


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