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Sex up your Android lock screen with these free apps

Microsoft just released ‘Picturesque’, a Bing-ified Android lock screen which adds loads of cool features – but it’s not available here in the UK. Well, screw you, Microsoft, cos here’s a bunch of other lock screens you can download for your Android mobile, which are all suitably awesome (and also free)…


Let’s start with a simple one. C-Locker is basic at best, but offers up some interesting themes including a funky underwater effort (swipe through the bubbles to launch a specific app or get to your desktop) and a rather mind-bending sci-fi layout. If you want serious customisation, however, you should look elsewhere.

Cover Lock Screen (beta)

‘The lock screen that learns’ is Cover Lock Screen’s motto and it’s a seriously good choice for anyone who wants easy shortcut access to a variety of apps, straight from the lock screen. Your apps are lined up along the left edge of the screen, allowing you to quickly flick into one, and Cover Lock Screen actually learns your habits and arranges these icons depending on how often you use them.

However, it doesn’t stop there. The app even learns to distinguish your habits based on your location – home or work or on the move – so you’ll be presented with the most appropriate shortcuts in each environment. Nifty!

You can also enable media controls to appear on the lock screen and choose between a limited number of wallpapers – or use your own snaps, thankfully.

DIY Locker

If customisation is your king, then DIY Locker is a good place to start.

You can set the wallpaper, add a selection of widgets, change the general layout and even create your own security pattern grid (complete with pics of whoever – or whatever – you choose). Many of the widgets are a little pointless – we can’t think of any genuine uses for the count up or count down efforts – but aside from that, it’s all good.

GO Locker

While most lock screen apps have a limited number of themes to choose from, GO Locker gives you a massive range covering all kinds of tastes. Actually, there’s only three to start with, but you can download a huge selection of extra themes from the store, either for free or a small fee.

Within about five minutes of browsing, we already had a dozen themes that we wanted to use, including a Windows-style live tiles effort, sci-fi style neon versions and funky cartoony themes that the kids will love. There are even some themes which include a fun built-in mini-game.

Next Lock Screen

Finally, an effort from Microsoft that is actually available here in the UK – and it’s a pretty damn good one. Next Lock Screen covers pretty much everything, but definitely caters for organised people who demand to know what’s coming up in their calendars.

The bulk of the screen is dedicated to your appointments as well as any waiting notifications, but you can also drag up an apps tray from the bottom of the screen. The tray is fully customisable and also changes depending on whether you’re at work, at home or on the move, similar to the Cover Lock Screen.

Got any recommendations for other lock screens for Android phones? Let us know in the comments below.


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