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Sex vs Smartphone: almost half of ladies favour mobile over man

Women would rather give up sex than their smartphones.

Bad news, boys — a new report suggests that the ladies are losing it in the bedroom too due to excessive cell-gratification, with many stating they’d rather give up sex than their smartphone. Damn you, Apple! And Nokia! And Recomb.. wait, hang on.

Five inches is more than enough for this lady...

The survey, conducted by online magazine Real Simple and the Huffington Post found that 80 per cent of women check their smartphone at least once an hour, 50 per cent keep it on the bedside cabinet at night, 5 per cent take their smartphone between the sheets, and 48 per cent said they rather go without fornication than manage without their mobile for one month.

The poll of 3,583 hard-to-please women over 30 also discovered that 76 per cent couldn’t go 15 minutes without checking in on social media, a highly unhygienic 39 per cent used their smartphone while on the loo, and when faced with the crucial question of whether they would want to go back in time to before the internet existed, a not-so-surprising 71 per cent said no.

Lack of sex aside for the moment, more disturbing on the human spirit side of things are some of the reasons given for this digital dependency, with one woman quoted as saying she believed that more time was spent online as women had “lost their faith in humanity” and another stating that she felt compelled to constantly check email and social media as “life is more robotic”.

What we can draw from this potentially epic dry period is yet more evidence to support the existence of smartphone addiction. Well, either that or 3,583 blokes really need to try harder next time.


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