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The first 4K smartphone screen packs over 800 pixels per inch

Sharp has taken the wraps off its new 4K IGZO smartphone screen, which offers up an eyeball-scorching 806PPI. But when will we see 4K screens infiltrating our mobile tech?

Plenty of critics have already bemoaned the use of 2K screens in smartphones, calling them overkill – although they obviously haven’t had the pleasure of sampling the visual delights of the Samsung Galaxy S6 or LG G3. And now they’re about to get a retina-searing kick up the arse, because Japanese manufacturer Sharp is going even further with the world’s first mobile 4K display.

Sharp has obviously decided to live up to its name with its crazy-crisp 5.5-inch 4K IGZO display. With a 3840 x 2160 resolution, the IGZO display will deliver UHD visuals to any device lucky enough to be imbued with one – and Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus could well be one of the first, giving Apple’s next flagship phablet a serious visual boost over rivals.

Cupertino has long since been interested in delivering peerless screen tech. Apple was the first company to draw people’s attention away from things like processor power and memory, refocusing on visual prowess, something that you can admire as soon as you turn on a device. The fact that the words “pixels per inch” and “Retina display” are in the common vernacular now is pretty much down to Apple’s marketing department.

Factor in that Sharp is already providing IGZO screens for certain Apple hardware, and it’s no massive leap to assume the next iPhone phablet could be a 4K beast.

Samsung, arguably Apple’s biggest competitor, has reportedly taken its first baby steps in the world of mobile 4K, preparing a UHD panel for its upcoming Galaxy Note 5. It stands to reason that Apple won’t want to be left behind now that it’s had its first foray into the phablet world.


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