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Shazam and Spotify: Together at last!

One of the best things about music recognition app Shazam is the way it provides tap-through links to buy the songs that you’ve tagged. It’s great (or dreadful, depending on your financial health) for impulse buys, whether on iTunes or other stores supported on various smartphones.

Now, however, Shazam is offering an alternative to buying the tracks that you can tag. How about streaming them instead? The company has announced a deal to integrate Spotify into its iPhone and Android apps.

The new ‘Play in Spotify’ button will fire up Spotify’s app on your smartphone to play the tracks that you’ve tagged – assuming, of course, that they’re available to stream on Spotify (sorry Beatles fans).

Initially, the new feature will be in Shazam’s paid apps: Shazam Encore and (Shazam) RED. However, it’s also coming to the free Shazam apps in the next couple of months.

We wonder if Spotify might work Shazam into its own apps too: for example, an automatically created and updated playlist of the songs that you’ve tagged using Shazam. Watch this space.


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