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Shazam for Android gets updated: Get widgety with it

What happy news for Android owners – now you can place a Shazam widget on your homescreen to immediately start tagging a song without having to faff about actually opening the app first.

Shazam is a music discovery service. It listens to any song playing and works out what it is and who’s singing it.

The Android updates also include a live tag stream. This shows you what other Shazam users around the world are tagging and allows you to add them to your own tag list if you so wish. The app also has a function whereby you can purchase any tagged song if you like it enough.

Existing users should get a download prompt on their handsets, new users can download the app from the App Market – the free version offers limited tagging, while the $4.80 Shazam Encore lets you tag as many songs as you like.


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