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Sky News launches iPad app, free for a limited period

Sky News has launched an impressive new iPad app that’s free to download and use for a limited time.

The app allows you to pick and choose from the current top stories that are presented in a grid. When you tap on an individual video, it moves to the centre of the screen and begins playing while a range of related stories, quotes and articles arrange themselves around the sides.

You can even be reading one article with the original video playing away in the corner. It’s incredibly well done and proves that, despite the iPad 2 being just around the corner, there’s life in the old dog yet.

Alternatively, you can choose to view stories in a timeline, with articles timestamped and arranged as they appear throughout the day. New articles appear toward the right hand side of the stream as they’re broadcast on the Sky News channel itself.

Finally, you’ve also got the choice of streaming the live TV channel straight to your iPad. You can pause the broadcast as you would with your Sky TV remote, and rewind up to one minute if you want to go back over something you misheard.

The quality of this app really is top notch and full marks have to be given for presentation here.

Like we said earlier, the Sky News app is free to download now but for a limited time. We imagine that the app will be limited to Sky TV subscribers only, or be available on a subscription basis like The Times and The Daily apps are.


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