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Skype for iPad appears then disappears

Skype for iPad finally made an appearance on the iTunes Store earlier, only to be pulled down later. The reason according to the official SkypeTwitter being: ‘To ensure your best Skype experience we’ve temporarily removed Skype for iPad which went live prematurely today.’


Skype for iPad brings video calling across WiFi and 3G to the iPad, along with the usual instant messaging, contacts, video calls and calls to standard telephone numbers. The new version also enables instant messaging to be used during phone calls.


Although Skype for iPhone works on the iPad 2, it’s designed for a smaller screen, so the interface is enlarged so to looks pixellated. Owners of the original iPad can use it to receive video calls, but of course, not make them.


Hopefully the app will be updated later today, we’ll bring you news when the app officially launches and a full review soon after.

Source: Mashable



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