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SlingPlayer coming to iPad: Portable TV on a 9-inch screen

What’s better than being able to watch TV on your mobile phone? Being able to watch TV on an iPad. And that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do with the forthcoming SlingPlayer for iPad app, the demo of which we’ve just spotted on Electric Pig.

We’ve already seen SlingPlayer in action on iPhone and we’ve had extensive hands-on time with the Android version and so have high hopes for this. Being able to watch whatever we can get on our TVs back home on an iPad’s 9-inch screen is nothing short of amazing.

We’re chasing up for more information on this, but for now the official word is that the price and release date is to be confirmed.

The SlingPlayer iPhone and Android apps cost £17.99 and £18.85 respectively so we’d imagine the iPad version would cost around the same. You’ll need a Slingbox to make use of any of the SlingPlayer apps as well, these start at £130.


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