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SlingPlayer releases its TV-slinging iPad app

Sling Media is well known to techie types, but may be new to the average non-geek with an iPad. However, this is the audience the company is targeting, having brought its SlingPlayer Mobile app to Apple’s tablet.

The idea: ‘sling’ your home TV and digital video recorder (DVR) to your iPad, letting you tune in to whatever’s on at home wherever you are in the world.

Well, wherever you are in the world with a Wi-Fi connection, obviously. And you’ll need one of the newer Slingbox SOLO or Slingbox PRO-HD devices attached to your TV and/or set-top box to use the iPad app – the company says older models aren’t compatible.

The app may seem pricey at £17.99, but within the cost of a Slingbox it’s relatively minor: perhaps there’s scope to make the app free for people as part of the initial price of the main unit, though.

It’s fair to say that SlingPlayer is bigger news in the US, but there are some fans on this side of the Atlantic too, who’ll be pleased that Sling Media has released the new iPad app on both sides of the pond.


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