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Smartphones are more important to Brits than television

We only have to look at rising smartphone sales to know how popular mobile phones are and it seems that our phone, rather than our television is the gadget we Brits just can’t live without.

In a survey• by Recombu Mobile, over one third (37%) of men and women polled admit their smartphone is the one gadget they would struggle to live without, ahead of television, which polled 35%.

23% of people can’t live without their laptop and 3% selected their iPod or personal music player.  Despite the huge success of Apple’s iPad, only 2% of people polled said their tablet was the gadget they couldn’t live without.

59% of those surveyed can’t bear to be parted from their mobile phones and keep it with them all the time. More than one in ten people (14%) even admit to taking their phone to the bathroom at work.

As a nation us Brits have a reputation for politeness, but it seems our obsession with smartphones is making us forget our manners. Over two thirds (68%) of people polled would answer their mobile phone during a dinner date, while 14% would take a call while at dinner with a friend – even if the call isn’t important.

What’s the gadget you can’t live without? Your smartphone or your television? Let us know below or via Facebook or Twitter.

•Survey of 2,000 people conducted in February, 2012 by OnePoll


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