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Smartphones won’t be getting Honeycomb

Those desperate for some Android 3.0 Honeycomb goodness on their mobile are going to be disappointed by the news that Google has confirmed it as a tablet-only OS.

A Google spokesperson has explained how the new operating system was designed specifically for tablets and not intended to ever be released on smartphones.

Elements of Honeycomb will begin to appear in smartphone iterations of Android, Google however has remained unclear as to exactly what.

PC Magazine reports that a Google spokesperson at a Wednesday press event confirmed Android 3.0 as tablet-only.

Andrew Kovacs, a Google spokesperson, was quoted as saying honeycomb features “will arrive on smartphones over time”

Google has replied to an article published in BGR explaining that: “The version of Honeycomb we’ve shown is optimized for tablet form factors. All of the UI changes are the future of Android. Yesterday’s event focused on tablet form factors, which is where you’ll first see Honeycomb.”


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