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Someone squeezes a web browser onto an Apple Watch. We’re not sure why

Well-known iOS hacker, Comex, has successfully managed to run a web browser on the Apple Watch.

When most people think of the Apple Watch, the first thing which springs to mind isn’t that the device’s 1.5-inch screen would be great for web browsing, but that hasn’t stopped Comex, the developer of JailBreakMe, from finding a way to put a browser on the newly launched wearable.

In a short video clip posted to Twitter, the developer shows an Apple Watch running Google’s search page, and while it obviously looks totally ridiculous on the little display, it shows that the Watch is able to run code beyond that which Apple deems appropriate, opening the door to the concept of a jailbreak for the diminutive device.

The dev failed to elaborate on exactly how the feat was accomplished, which is no great surprise given the fact that the full developer kit for the device has yet to be released, but it serves to whet the appetite for things which could potentially be accomplished with a full set of developer tools.

The Apple Watch has done well since its launch, despite receiving criticism for its poor battery life and arbitrary price tag. The device is on track to surpass the iPhone for year-one sales, shifting over 2.3 million units in one quarter alone, and the device is only going to go from strength to strength once development of truly useful apps begins to hit stride.

That said, even once we’re beginning to see solid supporting software, it remains unlikely that anyone will ever want (or need) to have a full web-browsing experience on a screen the size of a leprechaun’s testicle, after all, we’d need to wander around with a jeweller’s loupe in just to catch up on the footy scores.


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