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Songatron iPhone app will make a song just for you

Jonathan Mann is apparently a “celebrity singer and musician”. His name may not mean much to you, but this might: he’s the guy behind the uber-topical (at the time) iPhone Antenna Song, which racked up more than a million YouTube views earlier this year, when Apple was facing its iPhone 4 controversy.

Anyway, clearly there are no hard feelings on Apple’s part, since the company has approved Mann’s new iPhone app, Songatron. And it’s a pretty neat idea.

Essentially, it’s a ‘song creating robot’, which lets you speak a word or name into your iPhone or iPad mic, and then have it built into one of the preloaded songs. The example given: “Hey Emily, I love you, I love you so much…” – with Emily being the word spoken by the user.

The results can be shared via email, Facebook or Twitter, and developer Cramzy, which worked with Mann on the app, says that five new songs will be made available every month.

We had a go, with one of our favourite words: listen to the results here.


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