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Sony S1 Android tablet officially named launching September

More details have been leaked about Sony’s forthcoming Android Honeycomb Tablet. Previously the tablet’s was simply called the S1 and now the S1 has been officially named…. Sony Tablet S.

According to Engadget, the tablet is set to launch in September and will be running Honeycomb 3.1, but could be upgraded to IceCream Sandwich in the future.

Equipped with a 9.4-inch screen, the Sony Tablet S includes a Tegra 2 procssor and Playstation certification. Connectivity includes WiFi and 3G, along with DLNA for wireless streaming.

Over the last few months, Sony has teased with a number of ‘artistic’ videos, each revealing a bit more about the tablet.

We managed to see the Sony Tablet S, along with its sibling the clamshell S2 (which hasn’t been officially named) at Sony’s Christmas product showcase earlier this year. Although both tablets were behind glass, we were able to take a closer look at its unusual design, which is thicker at one end, supposed making it more stable to hold

Considering the news that HP is ditching webOS, we have to ask if now is really the best time to launch a new tablet, however, by choosing Android, Sony has picked a platform app developers already committed to.

There’s no news exactly when it will be available in the UK or pricing, but we’ll bring you news as soon as we get it.

Via: Engadget


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