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Sony’s SmartWear Experience points at the company’s future wearable tech

Sony wants you to track your life with its upcoming SmartWear products and the new Lifelog app, but things have to start at the Core.

The mobile portion of Sony’s CES keynote may have been dedicated to the launch of the Xperia Z1 Compact and Xperia Z1S set for T-Mobile in the States, but Sony Mobile CEO Kunimasa Suzuki also gave us a glimpse into plans for the future of the company’s wearable technology, the weight of which rests upon one of the smallest electronic devices in Sony’s arsenal to date, a tiny new product called the Core.


The Core is a pint-sized waterproof activity tracker with a 5-day battery life, designed for all-day use. It’s intended to be paired to the aforementioned Lifelog Android app, which users can employ to keep track of physical, social and entertainment activities throughout each day. As with other trackers designed to span a full day’s activities (not just fitness), the Lifelog app offers a breakdown of information from one activity to the next, showing you when you’re most and least active and scoring you based on your daily habits.


Kuni was also on stage wearing a lime green SmartBand – a rubberised strap with expertly finished hardware controls and a Core unit slotted in at its heart. The SmartBand will be available in a ton of different colours, patterns and even different materials and makes it easy to carry the Core unit with you. It would appear that this is only just the start however, and we’ll likely see more modules to slot the Sony Core into in the coming months.


Unlike LG’s new fitness tracker, at this stage the Core looks to be explicitly designed to track your activity and nothing more, but subsequent updates might narrow the gap between it and the SmartWatch 2, at least partly.

Beyond the promise of the SmartWear line appearing in stores by spring-time in the US and Europe, Suzuki-san also promised that we’ll see more related products in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2014.


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