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Sony Ericsson W910i Review


One of Sony Ericsson’s best Walkman phones and the first one to feature SensMe. Not only does the W910i boast a large screen it also features an innovative music browser that’s now a standard feature of all of the Walkman phones.

What we like
It feels more like an MP3 player with a mobile phone built in, rather than a phone with an MP3 player. As you’d expect, the music playback quality of the W910i is excellent. The trademarked MegaBass equalizer setting makes a welcome appearance here, and the built-in loudspeaker is powerful. The music player supports virtually every file format under the sun and getting tracks on to the W910i is fairly straightforward.

The W910i is the first Walkman phone to come with the SensMe music browser, which is unlike any other music playing application we’ve come across. Instead of sorting music according to genre or artist, SensMe arranges music according to mood. Songs are plotted on a sort of emotional axis, and appear as glowing dots in a virtual star field. SensMe sorts songs according to mood and tempo, whether they are ‘Sad/Happy’ or ‘Fast/Slow’.

What we don’t like
It’s really annoying that the W910i doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack — you do get a headphone adapter but it’s a pain to carry around and you could lose it quite easily. It’s also frustrating that the W910i only has a 2-megapixel camera and there’s no autofocus or flash. Finally, we wish that Sony Ericsson had packed more memory into the W910i. It’s a music phone and any serious music fan will want to store thousands of tracks on it.

The W910i boasts excellent sound quality and is the first Sony Ericsson Walkman phone to come with the innovative SensMe music browser, which looks good and adds a new dimension to music listening. Music fans will find the lack of built-in headphone jack and memory limitations frustrating though, and the camera is also a bit old hat.




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