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Sony Xperia Face Off: One-touch powered smartphone racing

A quick scan through Sony’s assorted Facebook pages and you’ll probably notice their colourful little SmartTags all over the place. A jump to the Sony Mobile GB page and you’ll see something rather different, the Xperia Face Off: Sony latest competition and a world first in smartphone online multiplayer gaming.

The Xperia Face Off is a fun way of showing off a particular feature, NFC or rather One-touch; Sony’s brand name for the new NFC technology that they’re packing into the latest Xperia handsets to hit the market. In an effort to push the popularity of NFC technology and show just how versatile it can be in Sony devices, the company have rigged up an elaborate race track and are inviting gamers to hit the track in an attempt to score points and even win some prizes.

Sony Xperia Face OffSony Xperia Face Off 2Sony Xperia Face Off 3

We were invited to the Xperia Face Off HQ in Shoreditch where prospective racers will be able to turn up in person or log in online and race against each other around the track using specially made remote control cars, each with its own Sony Xperia T on board. Once each player logs in using their Facebook account, their profile picture pops up on one of the cars on the track. The aim is to then race around the track driving over Xperia S smartphones embedded in the floor. Passing over a copies your profile picture onto the handsets in the track. It’s tricky to explain so watch Sony Mobile’s Xperia Face Off video to see how it really works:

The more phones you race over, the more points you get and there are even power-ups for bonus points as well as one of Sony’s One-touch speakers laid right into the track. Not only is this a fun and innovative multiplayer game, but it is one of the most creative examples of NFC we’ve seen.

Catherine Cherry, Sony’s Marketing Director for North West Europe said, “We wanted to show consumers the ease of One-touch sharing in an interactive, but most of all fun, way. Although it’s a technology that is initially difficult to describe, it instantly makes sense when you use it or see it in action.

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If you fancy a yourself a mobile racer or you just want to spectate, you can head over to and get involved. Alternatively the Face Off arena is open to the public this weekend from 11am to 11pm and again for during the same times next weekend. The top 100 scorers have the potential to win One-touch related prizes or a top prize of a trip to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the start of next year.


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