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Sony Xperia S not coming to Vodafone

Sony’s Xperia S was busy wowing ‘em in the aisles at CES last week. Network after network in the UK queued up to say yes to the Xperia S, with Phones 4U and Clove getting involved as well.

Vodafone however won’t be taking the Xperia S, at least not initially. One of our sources at the network tells us that the HD-tastic Sony phone won’t be coming to Vodafone, at least for the forseeable.

Bad news if you were hoping to make use of three months of free data you might have been otherwise able to use on a Vodafone contract.

No specific reason was given when we asked why; looks at though a ‘wait and see’ approach is being adopted. If the Xperia S performs well then there’s every chance that Vodafone might do a 180 on this. Last year it announced that it’d be selling the HTC Evo 3D only to drop it later on.

For the time being though, there’s no plans for the Xperia S to be sold by Vodafone in the UK.


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