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Sony Xperia XZ2 Tips & Tricks: The best new features explored

Sony’s new flagship mobiles, the Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 Compact, are packed with all kinds of great features. Some of these, such as the Dynamic Vibration system, are brand new. Others, including the funky 3D Creator app, have been overhauled to make them better than ever. Our complete Xperia XZ2 tips and tricks guide shows off the best features, old and new, so you can get the most from your Sony smartphone.

Xperia newbie?

If you’ve never used a Sony Xperia smartphone before, you’ll want to head to the Xperia Assist section of the device’s settings. This includes a whole load of helpful features to get your started.

For instance, you can converse with the AI-style assistant by tapping the Chat icon down at the bottom. This brings up a messaging window and gives a friendly free-flowing stream of advice, whether you’re an Android fan, ex-iPhone user, or have never used a smartphone before.

Feature shortcuts

You’ll also find shortcuts to some of the Xperia XZ2’s most useful features. For instance, the Battery Saver mode allows you to instantly deactivate a bunch of power-sapping functions that run in the background. In this way, you can preserve whatever juice remains. The Smart Cleaner feature is also a favourite of ours. This eliminates any clutter from your storage and memory, to keep your phone fresh and nippy.

And the Xperia Actions tool is also useful. This can be used to automate your Xperia XZ2, in certain circumstances. For instance, at night time it can turn on the Do Not Disturb mode, so your beauty sleep isn’t interrupted.

Extra apps

Don’t forget to check your apps tray, too. Sony has included a bunch of bonus features in here, such as the nifty – if pointless – 3D Creator. This can scan your face and create a three-dimensional virtual model, ready to share to Facebook.

We also love the Playstation app, which can link directly to your PS4. The Remote Play tool can then be used to stream a gaming session direct to your XZ2 handset.

Check out our full Xperia XZ2 tips and tricks guide video for a closer look at these features and plenty more besides.


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