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Sony Xperia Z and new NXT handsets revealed next week?

Since Sony Mobile freed itself from the ties of the Ericsson name last year, it has been increasingly proactive, compiling a host of new devices to flesh out a new product portfolio throughout 2012, but there’s a chance that next week we could be greeted with a host of new devices including a new Xperia-branded device.

Following the initial lineup of NXT devices, (the Xperia S, P and U), Sony has focused on releasing a number of mid and low-end devices. The latest additions to the family are the Xperia Miro and Tipo; low level ICS-running devices with simple styling and in the Tipo’s case, dual SIM functionality in select markets.

Sony Xperia Z coming soon

The NXT handsets by comparison make up the cream of the Sony crop, all utilising dual-core processors, higher level internal hardware, such as the Xperia S’s 12-megapixel camera and styling unique to their family name. XperiaBlog user XperiaTM suppied the site with some interesting information regarding Sony’s plans in the latter half of 2012, he stated:

Sony will release the 2nd Generation NXT Series

Xperia Z – 2nd Half Flagship Mobile (will ship in august)
Xperia C
Xperia E
Xperia Y

*all phones will have S4 processor, orange walkman music player, cybershot camera lenses from T series, Sony’s OLED screen (was used in Walkman X series), and PS certified.

Official Announcement will be held on June 20, 2012
all mobile will ship on July 2012 except Xperia Z august 2012

The Xperia Z looks to be stepping in as the Xperia S’s replacement in flagship terms, whilst the NXT family will grow to a total of seven handsets overall, all with top notch audio and photographic capabilities by the looks of it.

Now as always, XperiaTM is an unverified source, this information can’t be taken as gospel, but this news would slot nicely into the latter half of 2012 prediction that already surrounds Sony. Perhaps next week we’ll be bringing you a hands-on of the Xperia Z, and its friends of course.


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