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Space Invaders? There are free iPhone utility apps for them…

Those Space Invaders can turn their hands to anything. Well, at least we think those pixels are hands. Taito’s retro shoot ’em up is available for iPhone in its original version, but also in the all-new and whizzy Space Invaders Infinity Gene, which is a must-download. But now Taito has also launched a series of free Space Invaders utility apps.

There are six on the App Store, each performing a single, simple function. Space Invaders Clock is a digital clock app, with UFOs appearing at the start of every hour, and a ‘special performance’ at midnight. Meanwhile, Space Invaders Calculator aims to fulfil all your number-crunching needs, complete with more surprise UFOs, and retro sound effects.

Then there’s Space Invaders Timer, Space Invaders Battery Meter and Space Invaders Flashlight, which are all self-explanatory. And the sixth? That’ll be Space Invaders Business Card, which lets you create a themed virtual business card with your details and websites, then swap it with other users via Bluetooth.

We wonder if other retro games will follow suit. Tetris iFart, anyone? Oh, maybe not…


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