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Split the bill and bump payments with PayPal for Android

PayPal has updated its Android app, allowing you to ‘bump’ payments straight to other phones with the app by gently tapping them together.

This has been a feature of the iPhone PayPal app since March this year, is now on Android and we hear will be coming to BlackBerry phones soon.

The new PayPal app also comes with a new ‘Split the Bill’ calculator which divides the bill, calculates a tip percentage (if you’re feeling generous) and then divides the grand total equally between everyone. If some have ordered more than others then you can manually enter figures from the bill to see who owes who what in the Contributors section.

As before, you can review your PayPal account, withdraw funds, request money from and send money to other users’ PayPal accounts via email. The updated PayPal app is free to download from the Android Market now, as is the update if you already have the app.


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