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Spotify announces 12 new music apps for fans


Following the launch of its platform for third-party developers late last year, Spotify is aiming for the skies with its new range of music apps. The apps have been developed by record labels and music distributers globally and adds extra features such as ticket sales to the music service, reports the Telegraph. The 12 new apps come from the likes of Universal, Sony, Warner, EMI, Def Jam, Domino and Matador.

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The first apps to come from the Spotify platform last year, included reviews and special playlists from music magazines like the infamous Rolling Stone. Plus Songkick that listed concert information and a special software that meant fans could see the lyrics of the tracks they were listening to on Spotify.

Although Spotify had previously allowed third-party developers to build on its service before the platform launch, this is the first time that developers can be “truly integrated”, “both visually and in their functionality”. All of the apps are free and are based on the software code HTML5, providing full video and interactive feature support.

One of the new apps comes from the too-cool-for-school hip-hop record label Def Jam Recordings, who’s artists include Rihanna, LL Cool J, Ne-Yo and Kanye West. The app named “Def Jam” will aid hip-hop fans in their search for music and offers additional curation tools.

Hot or Not? As the name suggests is an app which allows fans to cast their vote on one of two songs in a battle. Users are rewarded with points and can earn badges via the app, all contributing to an overall “Taste Maker” chart list based on all users scores.

If you are interested in finding out more about your favourite artists then maybe the “The Legacy Of” app will be a good choice for you. The app gives fans access to hi-res photos, curated playlists, handpicked albums, biographies and more. It includes artists like Apple-fave Bob Dylan, John Oats and Miles Davis, with new artists highlighted each week.

Another app, named “Filtr”, is much more then just a playlist app as it includes Facebook integration. It allows users to create playlists based on their Facebook friends music tastes, whilst also recommending editorial lists based on what the user has liked previously.

This move from the music streaming service, is designed to help Spotify enhance the users experience and offer them more app-based services then just streaming music. Much like its Internet chum Facebook has been doing with apps and social gaming on its platform.

Sten Garmark, Director of Platform at Spotify, commented: “This is going to take music enjoyment to a whole new level. These Spotify Apps offer something for everyone, from ways to discover music both old and new, to amazing imagery and apps simply there to entertain!”

He adds: “The potential for Spotify Apps is just massive and we can’t wait to see what people are going to blow us away with next.”


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