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Spotify brings social features to its iPhone app

Spotify launched a major update to its desktop music app earlier this month, tying in Facebook to let people see what their friends are listening to, and recommend songs to them. However, the company was tight-lipped about when (or if) these features might come to its iPhone, Android and Symbian mobile apps.

Now they have. Well, some of them have to the iPhone version, in its latest update. You can now see your ‘Inbox’ playlist in the app, which is where all the songs that your friends have sent to you are gathered.

Our Inbox is currently a shocking mix of Whitney Houston and prog rock, thanks to an out-of-control who can send the worst song’ war with friends. So we’re not sure we entirely welcome the feature, but it’s good to see Spotify’s app getting more social.

The app also now lets you share tracks to Facebook, and has an in-app browser for Twitter and Facebook sharing, rather than forcing you out of the app and into iPhone’s Safari browser.

Spotify may not be the only iPhone music app to be getting social though. Rumours suggest that Apple may be making Facebook a part of the iPhone OS 4 software this summer, which could include the iPod player app and the iTunes Store…


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