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Spotted: Photos of HTC’s next big phone.

Oops! While Mobile World Congress gets ever nearer, the leaks aren’t stopping. This is a sneak peak at what looks to be the successor to the HTC Desire.

Spotted on the Taipei subway, it looks like another Android phone, but which flavour, Gingerbread or Froyo, we can’t yet tell.

The mystery phone also matches the front features of those HTC phone pics leaked earlier, with the front-facing camera, ready for video-calls, and the chrome finish to the camera and earpiece.

We’re already loving the look of that huge bright touchscreen, but with a sneaky serial number at the bottom, it screams prototype, but the green-coated stranger seems to have no problem fiddling around with messenging (or the web?) on it, and, we assume, listening to music through that headphone socket. He was probably so entranced that he didn’t notice someone circling around him, taking these covert snaps.

Via; Engadget



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