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Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner offers augmented reality thrills on iPhone

The sales pitch for Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner is a short one. It’s a Star Wars game for iPhone using augmented reality technology. Job done.

What? You want more details? Okay, the game puts you into the gun turret of the Millennium Falcon, charged with shooting down TIE Fighters over 20 levels, including the Death Star escape, the Kessel Run and asteroid-dodging across Hoth.

But here’s the thing: your real-world environment is the backdrop – whatever you point your iPhone at functions as the background for the game. Which can be a bit surreal when it looks like those enemies are flooding out of your biscuit tin / dog / bus stop.

Game Center and Facebook are both integrated for social gaming features, and the game also uses in-app payments, where you can pay 59p a pop to buy power-ups like Duralloy Armour Plating, Quad Laser Turrets and Concussion Missile Tubes. However, you also earn credits during the game to get these, so you only have to cough up real cash if you can’t wait.

There have been Star Wars games on iPhone before, but never with the ‘would you just LOOK at this’ braggability factor of Falcon Gunner.


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