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Starbucks rolls out free WiFi to stores across the UK

In this world full of 3G notspots and data allowances, staying connected can sometimes be a bit of a black art. Starbucks are aiming to make things a little easier now that they’re offering free WiFi access at various stores across the UK.

Previously if you wanted to get online while sipping your Mocha Frappuccino you would have had to have been part of Starbucks Card Rewards scheme. That’s all in the past: now you just point your device to the hotspot provided by BT Openzone, hit Connect, and you’ll be reading your favourite tech site in no time. It’s really that simple.

The fine print? Sessions are limited to two hours, but all you need to do is reconnect after that – there’s no limit placed on consecutive sessions.

You can take advantage of Starbucks’ free WiFi right now.

Source: Starbucks UK


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