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Steambirds v1.3 update lands in Android Market, brings hotseat multiplayer mode

A new hotseat multiplayer mode has been added to the Android version of Steambirds. We checked out the alternate-reality World War 2 sim last week and have been eagle-y awaiting the arrival of the promised multiplayer mode. So when this update hatched in the Android Market you can bet we swooped down on it pretty swift-ly.

Ok, enough with the bird puns. The new multiplayer version sees two players leading teams of up to three aircraft against each other. It’s a hotseat/pass-around style of multiplayer, like good old Advance Wars on the GBA. As it’s a turn based game, Steambirds lends itself perfectly to this kind of game play.

You can pick the fast and nippy aircraft like the Bristol and Otto as well as the slower, heavier Turtle and Barrage flying fortresses. At the moment you can only choose up to three planes and both teams have the same aircraft. So you can’t yet choose your own elite squadron of flying aces or set up any David and Goliath style dogfights.

The latest version of Steambirds is available to buy now in the Market, or, if you’ve already got the game you can update it to v1.3 now for free.


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