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Stereotype O’Clock: Angry Birds Seasons to go green on St. Patrick’s Day

Not content to churn out Hallowe’en, Christmas and Valentine’s Day editions of Angry Birds, it looks as though Rovio will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the only way it knows how.

A video uploaded to YouTube by RovioMobile shows off a decidedly Irish-themed version of Angry Birds in action.

The familiar Angry Birds theme has been given a Celtic-tinged remix replete with fiddling fiddles. The green pigs are now sporting stupid comedy leprechaun hats, like the ones given out in pretty much every pub the world over, every 17th of March.

No changes to Angry Birds Seasons have been spotted in either the iTunes App Store or the Android Market yet; we’re assuming it’ll arrive by next Thursday at the very latest.

We’re also assuming that if you’ve previously bought Angry Birds Seasons, you’ll be able to get the St. Patrick’s Day levels as a free update, as with the Christmas and Valentine’s Day ones. Angry Birds Seasons costs £0.59 and free for iPhones and Android phones respectively.

We’re sincerely hoping that there’s a Father Ted level, complete with exploding milk floats and Bishop Brennan getting a kick up the arse.

Source: Pocket-lint


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