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App Friday: SwiftKey 4 for Android

SwiftKey 4 logoWe’ve followed along with the SwiftKey story for some time now and having met Dr. Ben Medlock and the rest of the team behind one of the most successful alternative Android keyboards in the world, we know it’s in good hands and as such should continue to innovate and impress mobile users.

It’s the nature of the SwiftKey keyboard which continues to amaze; with its simultaneous multilingual input support and the ability to learn and adapt to a user’s writing style as time goes on, but now this popular keyboard can add a new string to its bow; with the integration of Flow coming out of beta, giving rise to SwiftKey 4.

The newest revision of the SwiftKey keyboard streamlines the setup process as well as offering improved methods for adapting to the user’s typing style which are both faster and easier. No longer do you have to choose between ‘rapid’ and ‘precise’ typing styles, as the keyboard will understand from your typing habits, how you typically interact with it. What’s more, Flow has proved an invaluable addition for our use, marrying the gesture typing we’ve seen from the likes of Swype and more recently, directly from Google, with the amazing predictive engine behind SwiftKey.

SwiftKey 4 screens

Flow Through Space is a notion brought on by the addition of Flow, which lets users type entire sentences without ever having to remove finger from screen to tap the spacebar. What’s more, should mistakes be made, tapping an existing word reveals two additional options to choose from, which saves precious seconds instead of having to delete and retype. In addition to learning capabilities simply on offer by using the SwiftKey 4 keyboard, the app includes the options to draw upon a user’s online presence elsewhere from sources like Gmail, Facebook and twitter as well as existing text messages.

At the time of writing SwiftKey 4 is available for £1.49, but at full price costs £2.99 from Google Play.


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