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SwiftKey for Tablets launched alongside Android 3.0 event

Just as Google had finished demoing Android 3.0 in all its glory SwiftKey has gone and announced its new typing interface, SwiftKey Tablet.

For those of your not familiar, SwiftKey is one of the best Android text input methods out there. It replaces the default virtual keypad with a nicer-looking one that offers intelligent spelling and word suggestions that allow you to write texts and emails really quickly.

This version is being built exclusively for Honeycomb and boasts a Tron-esque electric blue scheme.

As you can see from the image and the video below, the standard Qwerty keyboard has been broken up into three segments; this is to allow for a more thumb friendly approach to typing when holding a tablet in landscape mode.

SwiftKey’s Fluency prediction engine really is a work of genius. When you begin typing a sentence, it’ll suggest the next words for you, often giving you exactly what you want. It also learns your vernacular, remembering certain words and phrases that you use.

SwiftKey Tablet is going to be shown off at Mobile World Congress. We’ll be there of course, and will hopefully get to have some hands on time with this ourselves.

Until then why not check out the original SwiftKey now?

Source: SwiftKey via Electric Pig


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