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SwiftKey reveals the world’s typing habits

If we wanted to write about two things today, it was a good infographic and a great mobile keyboard. In true SwiftKey fashion, the oracles behind the keyboard pre-empted our whims, producing the image below.

The map informs us as to the typing habits of the world. It’s undeniably cool to know that the Danes are the most efficient thumb bashers out there, the folks in India prefer Pumpkin while Russians are all about their Holo. SwiftKey’s release goes a lot further though, revealing the top ten across all the categories featured.

With over a million downloads of the SwiftKey Keyboard and over five million downloads of the free version, this is a subject pool not to be sniffed at. The smarts inside the keyboard are also found inside the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4, as well as the BlackBerry Z10. This means that millions more smartphone owners are using a variant of SwiftKey than the numbers we’ve mentioned, even if they don’t know it.

So what’s so good about SwiftKey? It shot to fame when the stock Android keyboard left a lot to be desired. What’s really impressive is that it’s clung onto the top spot of the Google Play Store since.

The real highlight of the application is its ability to predict your next word, learning from your typing habits. SwiftKey is also incredibly customisable, with themes and adjustable key height as well as a range of settings to hone its predictive capabilities. The most recent addition to the keyboard’s arsenal of typing power-tools is Flow, Swiftkey’s gesture based input, comparable to Swype.

Want to know more about the survey? Just hop over to the SwiftKey blog and if you’re one of the few who hasn’t tried it already, check out the free and paid version of the keyboard on the Google Play Store.


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