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Swimmers to get their very own ‘Swimmo’ wearable

Serious swimmers will be able to track their workout sessions with the new Swimmo wearable, which has just hit Kickstarter.

The Swimmo watch aims to give swimmers access to the same wealth of information that cyclists and runners currently enjoy. Not only will the water-resistant smart device track distance, calories burned, pace and duration, but it also allows users to monitor their heart rate with the help of a heartbeat sensor, which keeps tabs on a person’s ticker directly from the pulse in their wrist.

Swimmo uses this data to coach the wearer, telling you when you need to speed up, slow down or maintain current pace. Don’t worry about having to keep an eye on the watch’s screen while you’re swimming either. The problem of feedback has been overcome by variable frequency vibrations, which send tremors to your wrist to give you feedback.

Interacting with the Swimmo is done through the company’s proprietary ‘Rotate&Tap’ technology, which lets the wearer use simple hand gestures in and out of the pool. Rotate your wrist and you’ll cycle through menu options, then simply tap on the display to select an option.

Obviously, seeing as the Swimmo is a smartwatch, there will be a companion app too which will communicate with the device via Bluetooth 4.0 and let the wearer compare data and share it on social media and sites like RunKeeper.

All of this sexy tech is nestled within a decent looking, buttonless watch, which (hopefully) won’t make you look a lemon outside the confines of a swimming pool. The device’s strap is antiallergic and the body of the device is smooth to the touch, with no corners or edges to create drag.

The creators of Swimmo are aiming to raise $39,000 (£26,300) via Kickstarter to produce the wearable and those willing to chime in with $149 (£100) or more will get their hands on one of the watches – and at a saving, given the device’s $230 (£155) RRP.

So if you’re a keen swimmer and you’d like to check out Swimmo, head over to the project’s Kickstarter and put your money where your mouth is.


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