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Synchronica MessagePhone QS150 and QS200: 3G isn’t everything

It’s all very well having a phone which allows you to tweet on the go, Google for lolcats and cook yourself breakfast but when there’s little or no 3G coverage or no Wi-Fi, then you might as well not have any of that amazing functionality.

Enter the Synchronica QS150 (pictured left) and QS200 MessagePhones, which are designed to be used in countries where 3G isn’t in abundance – and there aren’t coffee houses offering free Wi-Fi on every corner.

Synchronica is a UK-based mobile company that specialises in messaging. The MessagePhone is available in two flavours, the QS150 which is a tri-band GPRS phone and the quad-band QS200 which features EDGE access.

Synchronica’s Mobile Gateway software comes installed on the MessagePhones offering push email and Microsoft Exchange support, as well as the ability to send texts to email addresses.

Both of the Synchronica MessagePhones feature full Qwerty keypads and can hold an extra 4GB of memory through the microSD slot – ample space for email storage. Other specs for the phone include a 1.3-megapixel camera and Bluetooth. The MessagePhones go for $99 (roughly £63) and can be ordered directly from Synchronica here.


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