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T-Mobile US offers unlimited music streaming for all. What about us Brits?

Seattle didn’t just play host to the launch of the Amazon Fire Phone on Wednesday, but also an amazing offer for T-Mobile customers in the US.

Unlimited mobile data is a beautiful thing; it lets users surf the web, watch movies, game online and Skype all day long without reaching limits or racking up horrific bills. Now, whilst T-Mobile US isn’t offering exactly that, it has revealed that consumers will be able to stream as much music as they want over a mobile data connection without using up their assigned data allowance.

T-Mobile US

You could effectively leave Spotify running all day over a data connection worry-free. So how does this offer actually work? T-Mo’s CEO, John Legere and his colleagues outlined plans to ‘set music free’ with the new Music Freedom offering for its US customers. Anyone on the carrier’s Simple Choice Plan, which contains at least 1GB of 4G LTE data (unlimited 3G after that) alongside unlimited calls and texts, can enjoy this new customer perk.

T-Mobile stated that as it stands, all the biggest music apps popular Stateside are covered by Music Freedom including; Pandora, iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, Rhapsody, Slacker, Spotify and Milk Music to name but a few. Customers can even vote for additional services to be added to the list if they wish as well.

The flipside of this is that it brings into question the notion of net neutrality and T-Mobile’s ability to pick and choose which services get the green light for Music Freedom and which don’t. Potentially, if Legere or T-Mobile US as a whole don’t agree or gel with one particular service, they could choose to exclude it, treating some mobile data differently to another. It’s a point The Verge’s Dieter Bohn put to the company’s CEO directly that was quickly snubbed as a difference of opinion on the reasoning behind the new service.

So with such a strong and unique offer in the US, what about customers in the UK? It’s important to remember that T-Mobile US is a very different beast to its European counterpart. In the UK specifically, T-Mobile serves as a value brand for one portion of the country’s largest carrier: EE. Having reached out for comment, the carrier was quick to distance itself from the US network of the same name and came with no official line on the matter.

Sadly for the audio junkies out there, it would appear that us Brits won’t be enjoying the same musical freedom US customers will anytime. Should that change however, we’ll keep you posted.

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