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TabCo to unveil its big secret at 5:00 PM UK time today, we get sent a Rubik’s Cube style puzzle in the post…

Who or what is TabCo? A tablet? A phone? A tech company that has yet to announce a tablet product? Is it Amazon? Will it be a Kindle Tablet? Or is it Nokia? Microsoft? Yoyodyne? All of the above?

Whatever it is, we should all know by the end of today. We’ve just picked up a strange package from our mailbox which contains a Rubik’s Cube-esque puzzle along with a printed out note generated on

The note says:

“People have been asking “who is TabCo” for weeks.

You’ll soon find out.

You’re invited to an exclusive feed of our web event where all will be revealed.

We’ll be streaming at 5PM GMT on Monday 15th of August.

In the meantime, here’s a puzzle to solve which will give you a little sneak peek.”

The site currently appears to be offline. While we were busy solving the cube, we tried mutliple times to access to no avail.

However the completed puzzle does appear to offer some insights as to what we’re finally going to see today. The device looks like it’ll support Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Yahoo, Buzz, Bing and MSN and will feature a camera of some kind; maybe two.

There’s also a picture of a stony-faced looking chap on one side, who looks like he could be a) from some boy band we’ve not heard of b) an extra from Twilight c) either one of the elusive personas attached to TabCo, Ian “IQ” Quincy or ‘Beige Foul.’

That fan-wheel icon above reminded us of Dolphin Browser HD for Android phones, which had a similar looking wheel of options and commands.

Who or whatever TabCo turns out to be, the people behind it have been keeping us guessing for months. There was the trolling Apple’s WWDC with a cheeky skywritten message reading “FORGET THE FRUIT – GO TABCO” and another video apparently dissing Windows laptops in a pretend ‘Focus Group’ video.

The greatest PR stunt ever or an elaborate churnalism joke at the expense of everyone? Least of all whoever paid for the skywriting and YouTube videos… We’ll know for sure at 5 this evening. Or will we?


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